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AVLISAtomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation
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Avlis Invest AB acquires 15,759,566 shares or 7.99% of Wartsila s share capital and total votes from Avlis AB.
AVLIS survived a very intensive peer review, says James I.
"AVLIS is the way of the future, the uranium enrichment technology of the 21st century,' says Herrington.
The transaction's terms also provide for an additional consideration payable to Fiskars' subsidiary, Avlis, if the acquired shares are sold at a higher price during a three year period.
In other actions, LLNL named Ed Moses, former head of the Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation (AVLIS) program at LLNL, to head the National Ignition Facility (NIF) project, including all associated R&D.
The Wallenbergs' investment vehicle Investor AB (STO:INVE-B) and Finnish consumer goods provider Fiskars Oyj (HEL:FIS1V) jointly control Avlis AB, which is the biggest stockholder in Waertsilae.
En 1967, el periodista Erasmo Silva Cabrera alias Avlis publico Carlos Gardel, el gran desconocido (Editorial Ciudadela; Montevideo, 1967), un estudio polemico retornando la desacralizacion de Sabato y su troupe.
Avlis fue asi practicamente el primero en reivindicar la nacionalidad uruguaya de Gardel y sugerir que era hijo bastardo del coronel Carlos Felix Escayola Medina (nacido en 1850) y que su muerte pudo haber sido provocada por un pleito entre Gardel y el piloto del bimotor colombiano, porque este lo tildo de poco hombre (o una discusion con sus musicos, a los que Gardel nunca daba credito en sus grabaciones).
Other missions that now will report to Campbell include the Missile Defense & Space Logistics Program and the Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation (AVLIS) Program.
The JV, called Avlis AB, and a wholly-owned unit now hold about 42.95m shares in Wartsila, representing a stake of 21.77%.
At present, Fiskars owns some 59.7% in Avlis, while Investor controls the rest.
Investor AB has paid a total of EUR316m (USD416.1m) to build up its Wartsila stake over the past three quarters, including a 2.08% interest bought from Fiskarsa[euro](tm) subsidiary Avlis AB for EUR126.8m.