AVLTAuditory-Verbal Learning Test
AVLTAspen Valley Land Trust (est. 1967; Carbondale, CO)
AVLTAllegheny Valley Land Trust (Kittaning, PA)
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Table 1: Memory tests of normal subjects and diabetic patients Tests Diabetic Normal subjects subjects Mean[+ or -]SD MED IQR Mean[+ or -]SD MED AVLT 45.
0 number correct Jacobson (FF) 2003 AVLT Netherlands 9.
2001 38 DM2 NART, RAVEN, (Europa) 38 controles WMS-R, AVLT, BVF, 40 a 75 anos I.
Results: Researchers found that the participants who received the bacopa supplement had enhanced AVLT delayed word recall memory scores relative to placebo.
En la figura 3 se muestran los resultados de las puntuaciones de ganancia del AVLT obtenidas por los sujetos que siguieron el entrenamiento cognitivo y los controles.
The Rey AVLT recognition memory task measures motivational impairment after mild head injury.