AVLTAuditory-Verbal Learning Test
AVLTAspen Valley Land Trust (est. 1967; Carbondale, CO)
AVLTAllegheny Valley Land Trust (Kittaning, PA)
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There were significant correlations between CHIPS and all of the tests: r=-0.265, p=0.018 for AVLT, r=-0.320, p=0.004 for ECR; r=-0.346, p=0.001 for semantic fluency; r=-0.274, p=0.021 for WMS-VRI and r=-0.298, p=0.006 for WMS-VRII.
The following tests were carried out on the subjects (study and control) in a relaxed state and privacy was given utmost importance: Rye's AVLT, VFT, and Benton VRT to assess short-term memory.
Intervention: both target MRI brain volume (2015) [22], and control groups NTB: digit span, TMT, Germany received omega/3 FA (2.2 Stroop, AVLT, verbal g/d; 4x oral capsules fluency.
[Table 4] shows that higher RBDSQ scores were significantly associated with poorer performance on the TMT-B (errors) ( r = 0.267, P = 0.026) and AVLT (delayed recall) ( r = −0.313, P = 0.008).
In order to investigate the relationships between cognitive functions and the synchronization values that are computed by the S-estimator, SI, and GSI method respectively, Pearson's correlation analysis was performed between the synchronization values (different bands and ROIs) and the scores of neuropsychological tests (MoCA, AVLT immediate recall, AVLT delay recall, AVLT delay recognition, WAIS digit span test, semantic fluency, Boston Name Testing, Trail Making test A, and Trail Making test B) in all subjects as a whole group.
Among these five lists, two were selected as target stimuli lists, while words belonging to the remaining three lists were used as filler words for the recognition part of the visual version of AVLT (see Section 3.6.3).
Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (AVLT) performance in individuals with recent-onset spinal cord injury.
In tests of memory, allele carriers additionally had declines of at least 1% annually in scores on tests of memory, such as the AVLT (Auditory Verbal Learning Test) and the VRT (Visual Retention Test).
Cognition was assessed on the following categories: general cognition (MMSE), memory (Auditory Verbal Learning Task, AVLT), fluid intelligence (Raven's Colored Progressive Matrices), and information processing speed (Coding Task).
Outcome measures: Audioverbal and visual memory performance were measured by the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (AVLT), the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test (CFT), and the Reitan Trail Making Test (TMT).
2008 Distractibility scores WISC-R Michigan 11.0 [down arrow] Jacobson and digit span Jacobson scores (FF) 2003 Sternberg Michigan 4.0, [down arrow] Jacobson and 11.0 number correct Jacobson (FF) 2003 AVLT Netherlands 9.0 --short delay Vreugdenhil recall et al.