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AVMAutomated Valuation Model
AVMArteriovenous Malformation
AVMAlisveris Merkezi (Turkish: Shopping Center)
AVMAir Vice-Marshal
AVMAutomatic Vehicle Monitoring
AVMAdvanced Video Movement (Fujitsu General)
AVMAutomated Valuation Method
AVMGuided Missile Ship
AVMAudiovisuelles Marketing und Computersysteme GmbH
AVMA Vos Marques (French: On Your Marks)
AVMAutomatic Voting Machine
AVMAdjoint Variable Method
AVMAnti-Vehicle Mine
AVMAtelier de Vitrification de Marcoule (French)
AVMAnti Vibration Mounting
AVMAirborne Vibration Monitoring
AVMApplication Value Management
AVMAirborne Vapor Monitor
AVMAdvanced Vehicle Modifications, Inc.
AVMAtmospheric Visibility Monitor
AVMAdvanced Vector Magnetometer
AVMAnti-Virus Management (computer safety)
AVMApproved Vendor Material
AVMAccess Verification Management
AVMAutomated Vendor Management
AVMAgence Vinicole Masson (French: Masson Winery Agency)
AVMAnnunciator Voice Message
AVMApiary Vicinity Mating (apiculture)
AVMATM Voice Multiplex
AVMAdministration View Module
AVMAchat Vente de Matériels et Matériaux pour le Bâtiment (French: Purchasing and Selling of Equipment for Construction Materials)
AVMAlta Vista Manor (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
AVMAround View Monitor (vehicles)
AVMAudio Visual Machines (UK)
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Although AVM is assumed to be of congenital origin, most of them are clinically presented later in life.
The book will appeal to practitioners, AVM developers, and those with an interest in how the evolution of valuation techniques and technology continues to bring both opportunity and risk mitigation, while at the same time contextualizing the role of traditional appraisal techniques.
Thus, surgical treatment is an alternative management in symptomatic patients or in cases of complications when lung AVMs are localized, unilateral, without increased operative risk.
In this case the diagnosis of uterine AVM was made on Doppler ultrasound imaging demonstrating a vascular intramural mass.
sup][5] We extended its utilization for dural AVM to our case.
If the HELOC hypothesis comes to pass, a new generation of REO and foreclosure (“Foreclosure”) AVMs geared exclusively towards that segment would be mandatory.
MR imaging in the management of supratentorial intracranial AVMs.
The purpose to select CA concentration for electrospin-ning was to obtain CA fibers with minimal beads to load AVM.
Of course, common sense is one of the most important factors in AVM testing.
Presentations of pelvic AVM in males can be either subtle or dramatic, and patients have presented with pelvic and flank abdominal pain,[sup.
Frame continues, "In the case of so-called emerging 'hybrid' AVM requirements, we believe the rules actually enhance opportunities for RPR users.
Articles were reviewed and factors like age, sex, clinical presentation, S-M grade, AVM related aneurysms, presence of arteriovenous (AV) fistula, AVM size, number of pedicles, number of embolization procedures, eloquence of adjacent areas, deep venous drainage, en-passage vessels, deep perforator feeders, and liquid embolic agents like n-BCA and Onyx[TM] were analyzed in terms of relationship to outcome and complication risk.