AVMMAssociation des Vieilles Mécaniques Morvandelles (French antique farm equipment collectors' club)
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Greg Reish, Director of the Center for Popular Music, notes that "the AVMM project makes available to everyone an overwhelmingly large collection of manuscripts that reveal what kinds of music Americans enjoyed at home before the advent of radio and recordings.
Thomas Knoles, Curator of Manuscripts at the American Antiquarian Society and AVMM project Co-Director, says, "Until now, repositories such as the American Antiquarian Society that had this material had no way to help researchers identify particular pieces of music in order to understand what tunes were in circulation and how widely they were copied.
Dale Cockrell, former CPM Director and AVMM project Co-Director, adds that "handwritten music manuscripts by common Americans contain primary and direct evidence of their musical preferences during a particular time and in a particular place.