AVMSAudiovisual Media Services Directive (EU)
AVMSAnnulus Vacuum Maintenance System
AVMSAutomatic Vessel Monitoring System
AVMSAdvanced Vehicle Management System
AVMSAnti-Virus Management Services
AVMSAutomatic Visual Monitoring Servers (MATE-CCTV)
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The Fed researchers noted that although computer-generated estimates are based on information owners tend not to collect -- such as data on sales transactions -- these AVMs "can be incorrect if the characteristics of the home are not well measured" or sales prices of a sufficient number of comparable properties are not available.
Management of uterine AVMs depends on many factors including the patient's hemodynamic status, age, and desire for future fertility.
Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are congenital, fast-flow vascular lesions composed of malformed arterial and venous vessels connected directly to one another without an intervening capillary bed.1 They are more common in brain involving or supplied by intracranial vasculature than those formed by branches of external carotid arteries.2 AVM of scalp is a rare lesion which has its abnormal arteriovenous communication within the subcutaneous fatty layer of scalp with the feeding arteries derived from vessels supplying the scalp.
Cases reported in the literature of complications from spinal AVMs in pregnancy are summarised below as well as a discussion of the unique challenges of investigating and managing a pregnant woman with new onset paraplegia secondary to a spinal AVM.
Regardless of the relatively simple AVM diagnosis by MDCT angiography and an increasing number of incidentally detected AVMs, they continue to represent a major challenge considering that therapeutic approach is usually multidisciplinary.
Abbreviations AVM - arteriovenous malformation MRI - magnetic resonance imaging CT - computerized tomography SAH - subarachnoid hemorrhage Brain AVMs are responsible for 3% of strokes and 9% of subarachnoid hemorrhages [7, 8], affecting about 0.1% of population.
Advances in Automated Valuation Modeling is organized into five interrelated themes or parts: AVMs, mortgage crises, and valuation in person; mortgage crises and experiences in AVMs; AVM methodological challenges dealing with spatial issues; AVM methodological challenges and nondeterministic modeling; and AVM methodological challenges with inputs and models.
Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are abnormal shunts between arteries and veins that result from disturbances in angiogenesis.
Consequently, if the etiology remains unclear, pulmonary AVM should be considered.
We diagnosed the patient with AVM, and emergent angiography was performed.
After each subculture, the specific productivity of AVMs and AVM B1a was evaluated by fermentation.