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AVNAdult Video News
AVNAllgemeine Vermessungs Nachrichten (German: General Surveying News)
AVNAvascular Necrosis
AVNAudio Visual Navigation (automobiles)
AVNAudio Visual Navigation
AVNAlternative Video Network
AVNAmeritech Virtual Network
AVNAir Vanuatu (ICAO code)
AVNAdvanced Veterinary Nursing (UK)
AVNAviation Model (weather forecast model, now Global Forecast System)
AVNAtrioventricular Node
AVNAustralian Vaccination Network
AVNAssociation Vinçotte Nucléaire (French: Vinçotte Nuclear Association; Belgium)
AVNAssociation des Vins Naturels (French: Association of Natural Wines)
AVNAviation Technician (Canadian Air Force trade; airframes, aeroengines, armament & systems MOC 514)
AVNAvignon, France - Caumont (Airport Code)
AVNAviation System Standards office (FAA)
AVNAssociation des Villes Numériques (French: Association of Digital Cities; est. 1997)
AVNAutomated Voice Network
AVNAeromedical Voice Network
AVNAccess Verification Management
AVNAutomatismes du Val Noir (French: Val Black Automation)
AVNAsian Video Network (online community)
AVNAnza Valley Networks (Anza, California)
AVNAccuracy Vanishing Now
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Research to understand the pathobiology of AVN and to develop therapies that can be translated to clinical application has progressed.
According to AVN, the legendary porn star has violated their code of conduct.
The retrograde perfusion of the scaphoid makes the scaphoid waist more susceptible for AVN than the distal pole [8].
Most common location (Segment) of AVN lesion in femoral head was superomedial aspect (50.
Mr Shah says the results could transform the treatment of AVN, which is also found in the knee and shoulder.
The McCafferys live a few kilometres from the AVN headquarters, in a region where 33% of children are not fully vaccinated.
Those involved with SAVN--called here SAVNers--have used a range of techniques to oppose the AVN.
The Best Western International standards and experience of over 4000 Hotels Worldwide and the AVN Arogya's 80 Years experience in the Ayurvedic field offer a unique blend to attract International medical and wellness tourists to the region"
The AVN system comes with complete in-car entertainment and connectivity features.
CGS Green Endorsement have been awarded to Major Mehtab Khalique, Avn, Major Khawer Rasheed, Avn, Major Salahuddin Major Muhammad Akhlaq, Avn, Major Muhammad Shahzad Ch, Avn, Major Khalid Rashid Maooz, T Bt, Avn, Major Abdul Majid, Avn, Major Assad Nawaz, Avn, Major Aamer Masood, Avn, Major Tariq Mahmood, Avn, Major Muhammad Asim Khan, Avn, Major Musa Raza, Avn, Major Kamran Younis, Avn and Major Asad Mansoor Khan.
Insight into how Avn production is regulated may lead to increased Avn levels in the grain, which could, in turn, lead to higher antioxidant levels in the foods we eat.