AVNFHAvascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head (hip joint)
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The mid-anterior portal is the best position to observe the anterosuperior femoral head which is the most common site of AVNFH.
sup][13] also described their arthroscopic observations of AVNFH patients, and found several cartilage particles, lip injuries, synovitis, and other changes in the joint.
sup][14],[18],[28],[29] Thus, the treatment of early stage of AVNFH is a comprehensive therapy and multiple small-diameter drilling decompression combined with hip arthroscopy is an important modality.
Based on our results, we summarize the indications for hip arthroscopy in the treatment of early stage of AVNFH as: (1) failure of conservative treatment; (2) MRI showing significant synovial hyperplasia, effusion, and articular cartilage damage; (3) corpus liberum in articular cavity or labrum injury with mechanical symptoms.