AVNIRAdvanced Visible and Near-Infrared Radiometer
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There is less OA improvement using ERS and Landsat dataset compared to using PALSAR and AVNIR dataset.
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The new instrument will be used mainly in the course "Advanced Materials", led by Professors David Avnir and Shlomo Magdassi.
Joseph Avnir, the director of a unit for the treatment of victims of alcoholism, claims that "ther eare many immigrants who are excessive drinkers but they don't come in for treatment.
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Sterically stabilized (pegylated) nanoliposomes of amphipathic weak acid prodrugs of glucocorticoids (methyl prednisolone hemisuccinate and betamethasone hemisuccinate) were prepared and evaluated for their antiarthritic potential in Lewis rats and Beagle dogs by Avnir et al., 2008.