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But the amounts of individual Avns, says Wise, are highly variable and appear to be strongly affected by environment, genotype, and genotype-environment interactions.
Though there are at least 25 structural varieties of Avns found in oats, three forms--avnA, avnB, and avnC--are most abundant in the grain.
In his lab, Wise is further researching the biosynthesis of Avns. He developed a suspension culture system from oat shoot tissue in which Avns are produced in response to a chemical that mimics fungal infection.
"This system is a new tool that can be used for more detailed investigation into how certain Avns are produced," says Wise.
The researchers found genotypes with the strongest crown rust resistance typically had the highest Avn concentrations in environments where crown rust occurred.
A diversidade faunistica encontrada nas AVNs e ACs foram semelhantes entre si, com a seguinte composicao: a) ordens da classe Insecta: Coleoptera, Diptera, Hemiptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, Mantodea, Orthoptera; b) ordens da classe Arachnida: Araneae e Scorpiones.
Predominaram individuos da familia gramineas, com proporcoes que variaram entre 52,77% e 35,6%, respectivamente para as ACs e AVNs, sendo seguidos pelas amarantaceas e rubiaceas.
Constataram-se valores entre 0,277 e 0,608 para as ACs, enquanto que nas AVNs os valores variaram de 0,574 a 0,713, ou seja, ha uma maior presenca de individuos nas ACs em funcao da contribuicao das AVNs.
O extrato arboreo das AVNs apresentou 19 especies em 10 familias, mostrando menor diversidade do que encontrado por SANTANA et al.
Apesar dos altos indices de Shannon de um dos agricultores (JAP), variando de 0,151 a 0,644 para as AVNs e de 0,551 a 1,131 para as ACs, estes nao superaram os valores da caatinga obtidos por SANTANA et al.
DISCERNIBLE PERSONALITIES: AVN's red-carpet hosts were rock star Dave Navarro and Wicked Pictures contract starlet Kirsten Price.
SHORT SPEECHES: AVN president Paul Fishbein says the show imposes no time limits on its winners.