AVNTAtrioventricular Nodal Tachycardia (cardiology)
AVNTAnterior Ventral Nucleus of the Thalamus
AVNTAdvanced Variable Nozzle Turbocharger (diesel engines)
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Arnold said the design of the three AVNT turbos is very similar, using many of the same components sized to the specific requirements of the turbocharger model.
Honeywell started down the AVNT path in the mid 1990s as the next step in providing optimum airflow for diesel engines.
Arnold said Honeywell approached the AVNT project as a complete system design with an eye on developing a simple, high performance variable nozzle turbine with integrated electronically controlled actuation and position feedback.
The result was an AVNT design that includes a compact turbine housing, integrated actuation, no external actuators, no brackets and 59 percent fewer parts in the turbine housing assembly compared to earlier designs.
One of the keys in AVNT design is the variable geometry mechanism itself, a hotly debated technical subject.
Corporation (Nasdaq: AVNT), Fremont, Calif., has unveiled Astro, its revolutionary 4th generation physical design system.