AVODAudio/Video On Demand
AVODAudio Video on Demand
AVODAmazon Video on Demand (Amazon.com)
AVODArteriovenous Oxygen Difference
AVODApparent Volume of Distribution (magnesium; obstetrics)
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AVOD can call on a fleet of aircraft refuelling vehicles that range in capacity from 5,000 litres to 65,000 litres.
AVOD became one of the first companies in the region to receive the FSSC 22000, the prestigious Swiss Food Safety System Certification for its products, packaging and production management systems.
IFE Services will also manage Corsairfly's digital encoding and AVOD management requirements.
AoIt took a few years for AVOD to develop the technology internally.
RAVE[TM] gives The IMS Company an opportunity to apply more than 16 years' experience providing IFE expertise to others by way of engineering services support to its own fully certified AVOD product with a system architecture that reflects its positive experience as the industry leader in portable media solutions.
He noted that the companys Aviation Operation Division, AVOD, recently celebrated 35 years of success in offering high-quality commercial and military fuel distribution services for local and global clients.
Its Business Class seats can turn into full-flat beds, and all classes of service offer personal AVOD, keeping passengers entertained for the duration of the flight.
Salem Al Bortmany, executive director, AVOD said: "The Al Mar'a Excellence Awards is a noble and unique initiative to recognise and honour Omani women for their contribution to society and our great nation.
As well as the cabin refurbishment, Sabena technics was responsible for performing aircraft maintenance and an in-flight entertainment AVOD upgrade, including obtaining necessary certification.
The Boeing 777-300ER flying the new route has First and Business Class seats can recline 180 degrees to become full-flat beds; all three classes of service are equipped with individual power outlets and personal AVOD offering a variety of programs, keeping passengers entertained for the duration of the flight.
All the three classes of service are outfitted with personal AVOD and power outlet, offering 25-inch, 15-inch and 9-inch displays respectively and a wide range of AVOD programs.
This high quality oil with its attractive packaging promises to be light in taste, light for digestion and light for health," said Prem Maker, executive director, AVOD, at the formal launch on Saturday at the Muscat Intercontinental Hotel.