AVODAudio/Video On Demand
AVODAudio Video on Demand
AVODAmazon Video on Demand (Amazon.com)
AVODArteriovenous Oxygen Difference
AVODApparent Volume of Distribution (magnesium; obstetrics)
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For over 30 years, AVOD has established a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness by providing customers with products that follow the 'Eat Right, Live Well' theme to help people live longer, healthier, and better lives.'
On the other hand, AVoD needs to be supported by a clever advertising sales strategy.
"Since 1982, AVOD has been meeting the needs of more than 200 regional and international customers in civil and military sectors, with high standard products and services distributed through state-of-the-art fuelling facilities, with health, safety, and the environment, HSE, remaining at the core of our entire range of operations," he noted.
"Adnoc Distribution achieved an 18 per cent growth in its aviation business in 2014-2015 and is continuing to maintain a steady rate of expansion," he said, adding that the company's Aviation Operation Division, AVOD, recently celebrated 35 years of success in providing high-quality commercial and military fuel distribution services for local and international clients.
'After a maintenance check it was figured the origin of the smell was the AVOD (audio/video on demand) unit that was malfunctioning.
Older aircraft meeting NAP-2015 age criteria, would also be considered if they were offered with the facilities like modern 24 business class flat bed seats, modern economy class seats, latest in-flight entertainment AVOD system and new carpets, besides refurbished cabins, the sources said.
Inflight entertainment (IFE) is provided via the new Thales AVANT in-seat audio video on demand (AVOD) system.
In Western Europe, SVoD is gaining traction while AVoD dominates the OTT video market in Central and Eastern Europe.
Areej Vegetable Oils & Derivatives (AVOD) is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of a variety of refined vegetable oils, fats, margarines, butters, mayonnaise and salad dressings, with its manufacturing facilities at Rusayl.
It is designed for maximum flexibility and supports a wide variety of AVOD configurations including overhead video, wireless IFE, full AVOD and hybrid, cabin class-specific systems.
The event is being presented by Areej Vegetable Oils and Derivatives (AVOD).
ChristmasFlix is an AVOD (advertising video on demand) channel with video and banner ads provided by our business partners and direct acquisition through ChristmasFlix.