AVOLAIDS Volunteers of Lexington (Kentucky)
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The negation avol', a compound variant of a, in which the stem of ul'ems is contained (a + ul'-), is used to express contradiction, e.g.
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Crime SLUM landlord Milton Avol came before a Los Angeles court in 1987 for persistent breaches of the county laws protecting tenants.
The deposition velocities of ozone on particular material surfaces, at different temperatures and humidity, have been measured experimentally in living rooms and offices (Avol et al.
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In a nutshell, there are two negative particles a and avol, then a locational negator aras which can be conjugated, and a negative auxiliary which is employed in verbal predication in the 1st past tense.
After constructing the test variables (CRD, AVOL, AEVOL, and BETA) for each company, we test the hypotheses by cross-sectional analyses of the stock volatility and investors' market risk factor across the different subsamples based on the level of risk disclosure.