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AVOWAssociation of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham (UK)
AVOWAnother Voice of Warning (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
AVOWanalog voice orderwire (US DoD)
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One of the things AVOW and the university have spoken about is making sure we continue the flow of students on placements with member organisations and structure it better, so we do not miss one opportunity.
Avow was founded in 1983 as Collier County Florida's original, nonprofit hospice.
NetGain President Mark Jacobson said Avow President Tom Allen would stay on to run Arkansas operations.
It was attended by the Mayor of Wrexham Coun Ian Roberts, Ian Lucas MP, chairman of Avow John Leece Jones and Peter Bentley, the founder of Intuitive Recovery.
Last week it emerged AVOW was carrying out its own internal review through two trustees who had not been involved at the time.
Business World also said Patrick told a Business World that Business World had left open a million dollars worth of business and that he and Avow intended to pursue it.
At a hearing in Abergele in March she described how AVOW's Chief Officer John Gallanders, with whom she had clashed during an earlier spell with AVOW, tried to engineer her removal.
The company that is now Avow posted $32 million in revenue in 1999.
The Daily Post also understands another trustee board member has resigned - but when asked Avow chief executive John Gallenders wouldn't be drawn on that yesterday.
AVOW chiefs are responsible for making this woman's life a misery, for no good reason, and behaving in a reprehensible fashion.
She had previously worked for AVOW for a short period in 2007, when she had unsuccessfully asked for the office lighting to be changed to help reduce the migraine attacks.
In the new off-Broadway comedy Avow, two gay Catholics who want to marry ask their baby-boomer priest to perform the ceremony.