AVP2Alien Vs Predator 2 (game)
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Each species has three missions, and the gameplay all takes place on the Zeta site that is frequently referred to in AVP2's storyline.
This contract consists of the following mission elements: - firm tranche (tf): Preliminary draft zone 1 section ornex - ferney-voltaire (avp1); Preliminary draft area 2 section ornex - gex (avp2), - optional tranche 1 (to1): Moe mission zone 1: Ferney-voltaire - ornex (pro1 / dce 1, Act1, Visa1, Det1, Aor1); Mission scheduling, Steering and coordination (opc1).
The work of mastering market consists of the following elements misison - Standard mission elements (AVP1, Avp2, pro, UCI, act, exe, det, UCI, aor)- Additional Assistance Mission on the overall landscape design and urban integration project for all works (including works by masters of SNCF network structure)- Complementary mission geotechnical assistance- Complementary mission of setting up assistance and monitoring of a collaborative space.
Study before the hydroelectric potential project roadblocks 2 (AVP2)