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AVPAAssociazione Volontari Pubblica Assistenza (Italian: Public Service Volunteers Association)
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AVPAArginine Vasopressin Receptor Antagonism
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Le Concours annuel "Les huiles du monde", organise, par l'Agence pour la Valorisation des produits Agricoles AVPA, une Organisation non Gouvernementale sans but lucratif, recoit chaque annee des echantillons d'huiles d'olive mais egalement tout types d'huiles vegetales : avocat, cameline, colza, nocciola, noix de coco, lin, tournesol oleique, huiles d'olives aromatisees.
Among these marks of excellence, the latest is the Diplome Produit Gourmet, bestowed on an Organic Black Orange Pekoe from the Rukeri Estate during the award ceremony in Paris, France of the 2018 AVPA Thes du Monde Contest.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: 4 residential rehabilitation works contract (avpa / chug / rupa / green).
With a goal of raising the profile of agricultural products from authentic single origins, AVPA (the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products), a French not-for-profit NGO, launched its first international contest for the "Teas of the World" in July.
Given this important and growing market segment of premium leaf teas, there was a demand to enhance their profile and visibility, which the AVPA answered with the Teas of the World Contest.
Detailed results are available on the AVPA website: www.avpa.fr.
The AVPA, a French NGO that undertakes the promotion of premium agricultural products, hosted presentations in Paris that included: