AVPMA Very Potter Musical (Harry Potter fan performance)
AVPMAutomated Valet Parking Manager (Plantation, FL)
AVPMAssociation of Visual Packaging Manufacturers
AVPMAtribute-Value Pair Model
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AVPM provides total percent revenue control with applications including validation and ticket inventory, extensive reporting capabilities, and digital imaging technology.
AVPM has many other features that save valet operators time and money.
AVPM comes with uninterrupted technological support from Automated Valet.
Automated Valet's Damage Claim Tracking software works with the AVPM operating system to minimize confusion, speed resolution, and safeguard the bottom line.
Damage Claim Tracking is just one of the many features that can be installed with AVPM to make valet operations more efficient, organized and profitable.
Automated Valet offers a feature with its valet operating system, AVPM, which makes setting rates a quick and simple procedure with even the most complicated rate table.
With AVPM, the operator can program any number of rates and they will be applied automatically as the car enters the facility and is scanned into the system.
Once installed, AVPM has constant and complete technological support from Automated Valet.
With a solid valet operating system like Automated Valet's AVPM in place, one great way to keep up to speed is the Operation Board, a feature that can be a part of any AVPM installation at any valet site.
Automated Valet took the opportunity to show its valet operating system, AVPM, to members of the industry from all areas including cities, universities, airports, hospitals, commercial parking operators, and consulting firms from around the world.
The feature can be set up with AVPM and used to identify and track frequent customers and VIP guests.