AVPRAliens Vs Predator Requiem (movie)
AVPRAdvanced VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Password Recovery
AVPRArkhiv Vneshnei Politiki Rossii (Russian: Archive of Russian Foreign Policy)
AVPRAssociate Vice-President Research (Canada)
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Climate factors: (a) annual average temperature (AVTP) and (A) annual average precipitation (AVPR).
The current AVPR correction does not work when the surface temperature is below 0[degrees]C because a reference level (BB bottom) would not be found.
Yet theatrical release has eluded the local contingent even as the "Hostel" and "Saw" franchises and recent releases like "AVPR: Aliens vs.
Con la informacion sobre AVPP y los dias de incapacidad potencial por morbilidad se genero el indicador de anos de vida productiva perdidos (AVPR), bajo el supuesto de que al eliminar el problema de salud en la poblacion se disminuirian defunciones prematuras y la discapacidad para aquellos casos no letales.
Archiv vneshnei politiki Rossii (AVPR) [Archive of Foreign Policy], fond Tikhookeanskii stol [Resources of the Pacific Ocean Department], delo(d.) [file] 1325, [18 Feb.
And when they first tried their hand at directing in the big time three years ago they gave us some ludicrously-titled nonsense called AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem.
(2010) AVPR: ALIENS VS PREDATOR - REQUIEM (Channel 4, 11.10pm) A spaceship crash results in the infestation of a small town by aliens, so a Predator is dispatched to hunt them down - and any superfluous humans who happen to get in the way.
AVPR Aliens vs Predator (15) Rematch between the sci fi movie killers with smalltown America the battlefield.
(24) The announcement in the Straits Times declared "I claim not rights or relationship in Russia, where the ingratitude of a nation, that did not understand his [Alexander the First] high moral and religious principles, drove its great benefactor to an exile." See AVPR, d.1355 [1 (13) Jul., 12 (24) Jul., 20 Jul.
So Hollywood contrived AVP: Alien vs Predator (2004) and AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem (2007).