AVPRAliens Vs Predator Requiem (movie)
AVPRAdvanced VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Password Recovery
AVPRArkhiv Vneshnei Politiki Rossii (Russian: Archive of Russian Foreign Policy)
AVPRAssociate Vice-President Research (Canada)
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La clasificacion por las 150 causas agrupa grandes categorias de diagnosticos y es probable que contribuya al aumento en la cantidad de AVPR que se presentan en esta comuna; sin embargo, es posible que un componente importante en la clasificacion lo esten aportando las enfermedades relacionadas con la paralisis infantil, los defectos congenitos del sistema nervioso y las enfermedades neurologicas.
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Fans of the Alien and Predator movies tempted to pay good money to see AVPR might want to consider the following first.
Anyone trying for a baby via the mechanical IVF route will have the wind put right up them in the maternity ward scene, but AVPR generally makes little sense throughout its 94 minutes and it's often hard to tell which creature is an Alien and which is a Predator.