AVPRIArkhiv Vneshnei Politiki Rossiiskoi Imperii (Russian: Archive of Foreign Policy of the Russian Empire; book)
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Excerpt, Foreign Office Diary, 10/23 July 1914, AVPRI, f.
containing more than 30 telegrams--many annotated as having been read by the tsar--is located in AVPRI, f.
the intelligence summaries forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are at AVPRI, f.
Declaration of French Ambassador, 15/28 July, AVPRI, f.
Priklonskii to Political Section, 11/24 July 1914, AVPRI, f.
Kazanskii to Political Section, 12/25 July 1914, AVPRI, f.
67) Telegram of Kokhanovskii, 7 June 1911 [20 June 1911], AVPRI, f.
72) Calling card of Hayreddin Berazi, Dispatch of Chirkov to Girs, 16 August 1912 [29 August 1912], AVPRI f.
73) General Consul in Baghdad to the Embassy in Constantinople, 25 June 1913 [8 July 1913], AVPRI f.
74) Olfer'ev to Girs, 18 March 1913 [31 March 1913], AVPRI f.
77) Sazonov to Girs, copied to consulates in Van, Urmiye, Bayezid, and Savujbulak, 15 November 1912 [28 November 1912], AVPRI f.
79) Secret Report to the First Department, 1913 [month and day not specified], AVPRI f.