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AVPUAlert Verbal Painful Unresponsive
AVPUAzerbaijan Volunteers' Public Union (est. 2000)
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Assessment of level of consciousness on PICU discharge was conducted using the AVPU criteria: 54 of the 63 PICU survivors (85.7%) were discharged from the PICU alert, one (1.6%) was responsive to voice, four (6.3%) to pain; one (1.6%) was unresponsive, and the level of consciousness was not documented in three cases.
Categories 3 2 1 0 Respiratory rate <9 9-14 (breaths/min) Heart rate <40 41-50 51-100 (beats/min) Systolic blood [less than 71-80 81-100 101-199 pressure (mmHg) or equal to]70 Temperature <35 35-38.4 ([degrees]C) AVPU score Alert Categories Scores 1 2 3 Respiratory rate 15-20 21-29 [greater (breaths/min) than or equal to] 30 Heart rate 101-110 111-129 [greater (beats/min) than or equal to] 130 Systolic blood [greater pressure (mmHg) than or equal to] 200 Temperature [greater ([degrees]C) than or equal to] 38.5 AVPU score Reacting Reacting Unresponsive to voice to pain Table 2: Intuitionistic fuzzy MEWS system.
The 30 fictitious patient cases were presented to the raters in the same mixed order from the four AVPU categories with both the FOUR score and the GCS.
Measurement of respiratory rate, heart rate, pain and Glasgow Coma Scale (or AVPU scale) are challenging, even for experienced paediatric nurses who often resort to the use of monitors.
AVPU SCALE You can assess conscious by using the AVPU code.
The original EWS (Morgan et al., 1997) was based on five physiological parameters: systolic blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate, temperature and AVPU (conscious level) score (Subbe et al., 2001).
If the pulse is palpable assess the mental status using the AVPU scale.