AVPVanterior ventral periventricular area
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Alem disso, os mesmos autores demonstraram que, em ratas com restricao na dieta, mesmo apos o pico da lactacao, ha uma diminuicao na capacidade do estradiol em induzir imunoreatividade de c-Fos no AVPV.
E interessante ressaltar que, nessas especies, os esteroides diminuem a expressao de Kiss-1 no grupo de neuronios ARQ, sendo observado um efeito oposto na regiao AVPV (SMITH et al.
In each section, the boundary of the AVPV or SON was contoured at low magnification (10x) with the help of a rat brain atlas (Swanson 1998), and the area was outlined on a live computer image.
The dependent variables were developmental body weight, age at eye opening, anogenital distance, age at VO, age at first diestrus, wet weight of uterus and ovaries, number of ER-[beta]-positive cells in the AVPV or SON, and volume bf the AVPV or SON.
Photomicrographs showing expression of ER-[beta] in the AVPV in a representative control and Aroclor 1221-treated rat are shown in Figure 2A and B.
In comparing results of the SON with those in the AVPV, although the volumes of the SON and AVPV were comparable (Figure 4, A vs.
Aroclor 1221 caused a substantial down-regulation of numbers of ER-[beta]-positive cells in the AVPV, a key brain area controlling reproductive function (Simerly 1998; Wiegand et al.
The AVPV of female rats is essential for the regulation of hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone neurons and the control of the estrogen-induced surge of gonadotropin-releasing hormone and luteinizing hormone (Gu and Simerly 1997.