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AVRAAustralian Video Retailers Association
AVRAAtwater Village Residents Association (Los Angeles, CA)
AVRAAutomatic Visual Range Accessor
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Prior to AVRA, The Jodi Song video, song by Jeff Penque, from his CD “Hidden Feelings,” starred the youngest of the brood of 5, Tiffany Farano, who also provided most all the film herself from cruise vacations.
He's very intelligent, even-tempered and conservative,'' said Bill Pricer, president of the AVRA and a former high school trustee.
AtmelA Corporation, a leader in microcontroller (MCU) and touch solutions, today announced the company will be launching six new 4k to 16k Flash devices in the AVRA Mega MCU family in the second quarter 2014.
The Atmel AVRA XMEGAA E-Series 8/16-Bit microcontrollers available from Mouser Electronics are the first AVR in the XMEGA series with only 32?
The new devices provide dual paths for simultaneous FSK and ASK reception and superior flexibility by combining RF functionality, an advanced state machine, and an Atmel AVRA microcontroller core.