AVRDCAsian Vegetable Research and Development Center
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Working as a team for several months, the team bred and reared the beneficial insects Diadegma eucerophaga and Apanteles plutellae at AVRDC's laboratory.
AVRDC genotype VC 1482C having high yield potential but un-acclimatized to the agro-climatic conditions of Pakistan (highly susceptible to MYMV) was crossed with NM-92 (local mungbean cv.) having high resistant to MYMV adopting breeding procedures of Khattak et al.
Asian vegetable research and development center (AVRDC) virologists identified tomato leaf curl disease in1981, for the first time in Taiwan the causative agent is a monopartite Tomato leaf curl Taiwan virus (ToLCTWV), latter on a bipartite begomo virus Tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand virus (TYLCTHV) became equally prevalent which is more devastating (Tsai et.
AVRDC plant breeders focus on open- and self-pollinated vegetable crops.
Muhammad Munir Goraya and dignitaries from AVRDC and Chinese Embassy were present besides many other PARC senior officials.
Lee No.3 selex fair AVPP0705 SSK-1/0209-4//SSK-1/PBC495 -- AVPP0904 Jin's Joy//Kulim/HDA248/Jin's -- Joy//Kulim/HDA248 AVPP0513 Jin's Joy//Kulai*3/PBC932 -- AVPP9812 PBC385/HDA248 fair C05573 Pant C-1 (long term ck.) good Kulai -- (a) AVRDC, unpublished data.
They are the best resource for overcoming micronutrient deficiencies and provide smallholder farmers with much higher income and more jobs per hectare than most staple crops (AVRDC 2006, de la Pena and Hughes, 2007).
AVRDC Working Paper Series No.1, Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center (AVRDC), Taiwan, R.O.C., 33 pp.
Information has been taken from the AVRDC International Cooperators' Guide.
The pesticide consumption in the UAE is 9.86 kilograms per hectare in the UAE whereas it is 0.5 kg in India, 1.5 kg in the US and 1.9 kg in Europe, Ramasamy Srinivasan, entomologist, The World Vegetable Centre (AVRDC), said in Taiwan.
AVRDC provided rootstock germ-plasm to ADFCA which are resistant to the above diseases/pests to flooded and waterlogged conditions.