AVRNAboriginal Voices Radio Network (Canada)
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Hay que tener presente que los sistemas hidricos existentes en el AVRN permiten el riego necesario para las plantaciones frutales, las mismas fuentes de agua que son empleadas por la subsidiaria YSUR-YPF para enfriar, lubricar y extraer tierra de perforacion en una primera fase y, mas adelante, la inyeccion de agua presurizada.
The Toronto-based Aboriginal Voices Radio Network (AVRN), a project founded and formerly headed by Cayuga media activist and actor Gary Farmer, involves a group of Native and non-Native individuals.
Not Vanishing, together with programs that have followed in its wake, like Women's Roundtable on AVRN, permit otherwise isolated and muted individuals to interconnect, to communicate and to participate, not only in local and national civic politics, but also in global issues, as members of transnational, inter-Indigenous movements.