AVRPAnthrax Vaccine Research Program (US DHHS)
AVRPAustin Veum Robbins Partners (architectural firm)
AVRPAccelerated Vehicle Retirement Program (California and Texas)
AVRPAdolescent Violence Reduction Partnership (Philadelphia, PA)
AVRPAtrioventricular Refractory Period
AVRPAmuq Valley Regional Project (archaeological research; Oriental Institute; University of Chicago; Chicago, IL)
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The automated vehicle routing problem (AVRP) model can be described as follows, and the model is shown in Figure 1: the total number of the consumers in one certain area is N; the distribution centre has to distribute a certain amount of goods to certain consumers; presently, this distribution centre is preparing to put in several automated vehicles to carry out the assignment.
Clearly, solving the AVRP problem is also difficult; thus to solve the AVRP model, existing exact algorithms cannot efficiently obtain the solution.
In the Anchor based Voronoi Routing Protocol (AVRP) [16], each sink selects a neighbor node with the best link quality as its anchor node, and then each anchor node broadcasts an interest message towards the network to build the Voronoi scope for the sink to which it is associated.
23 September 2016 - San Diego, California-based architectural and planning firm AVRP Studios has merged with San Diego, California-based architect firm Skyport Studio to form AVRP Skyport Studios, the company said.