AVRPAnthrax Vaccine Research Program (US DHHS)
AVRPAustin Veum Robbins Partners (architectural firm)
AVRPAccelerated Vehicle Retirement Program (California and Texas)
AVRPAdolescent Violence Reduction Partnership (Philadelphia, PA)
AVRPAtrioventricular Refractory Period
AVRPAmuq Valley Regional Project (archaeological research; Oriental Institute; University of Chicago; Chicago, IL)
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The Multistage Data Routing Protocol MDRP [17] enhances AVRP by dividing the Voronoi scope associated with each mobile sink into multiple layers based on the gradient information of sensor nodes, in order to further constrain the scope of local broadcasts.
23 September 2016 - San Diego, California-based architectural and planning firm AVRP Studios has merged with San Diego, California-based architect firm Skyport Studio to form AVRP Skyport Studios, the company said.
Designed by AVRP Studios, the eight-story building will have four levels of subterranean parking totaling 115 parking spaces.