AVRSAutomated Voice Response System
AVRSAuto Vibration Reducing System
AVRSAdvanced Vegetative Roof System (Columbia Green Technologies, Inc.; Oregon)
AVRSAudio Video Recovery Systems (Natick, MA)
AVRSAlberni Valley Rescue Squad (Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada)
AVRSAmerican Volga Relief Society (est. 1922)
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Impending building works on the site where it was found meant the tram was in urgent need of a new home and that's when the AVRS, a registered charity, stepped in with a rescue plan.
Lifted by tractor from its resting place of so many years in a field above Brynamman, the tram was loaded onto a trailer and towed to AVRS headquarters at Enterprise House in Llansamlett, where it will be restored to its former glory.
Given the complete discrepancy (100%) between the AAO-HNS diagnoses and the physician-assigned diagnoses in this investigation, it is possible that the otolaryngologists were aware of the AAO-HNS guideline and actually applied it too stringently, failing to recognize cases of ABRS and diagnosing them as AVRS instead.
Datapoints collected for each rhinosinusitis subtype CRS ABRS AVRS History X X X * Duration of symptoms (days, weeks, months) * Pain assessment (pain scale 0 to 10) * Signs/symptoms, presence or absence Purulent drainage Nasal obstruction Facial pain, fullness, pressure Modifying factors X * Allergies * Cystic fibrosis * Immunocompromised state * Ciliary dyskinesia * Anatomic variations, etc.
Purulent rhinorrhoea, nasal congestion and facial pain or pressure are highly predictive of acute sinusitis, but the distinction between AVRS and ABRS is often difficult.
Treatment of AVRS and ABRS AVRS ABRS * Analgesia (paracetamol 1.
But the AVRS and the Northumberland Estates both objected to the proposals, with the latter claiming it had never intended the land to be used as a path and had actually put up gates with locks and signs to prevent public access, which were often vandalised.
The AVRS, which was formed in 1997, was originally hoping to create a steam link between Alnmouth station and Alnwick's Barter Books, which once housed the town's rail hub.
Note: This news release and the Company's web site referenced in this news release contain "forward looking statements" within the meaning of the federal securities laws regarding the future plans and expected performance of AVRS that are based on assumptions that AVRS considers reasonable.
We believe the third patent will improve the efforts of AVRS to monetize its assets in the rapidly growing voice recognition and transcription marketplace.