AVRTAddictive Voice Recognition Technique (for self-recovery from substance addiction; Rational Recovery Systems, Inc.)
AVRTAtrioventricular Reentrant Tachycardia
AVRTAtrioventricular Reciprocating Tachycardia
AVRTAngle Velocity Reproduction Test (medical treatment)
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A study reported 10-year data of EPS and RFCA done in 2012 with a success rate of 99% in AVNRT and 94% in AVRT, while major complications were 0.45% including 3 patients requiring permanent pacing.
Among the SVTs most common arrhythmia was noted to be AT (17.5%) followed by AVNRT (13.2%) and AVRT (10.4%).
In 'antidromic' AVRT, the antegrade limb is the accessory pathway and the retrograde limb the AV node.
Results of success frequency for different types of arrhythmia in their study were as: AVNRT 98% (130/132), AVRT 91% (97/106), typical atrial flutter 99% (129/130) and for atrial tachycardia 86% (18/21).15 Results of success frequency for different types of arrhythmia in our study included AVNRT 100% (28/28), AVRT 100% (17/17), and for atrial tachycardia 75% (3/4).
Sinus ritmi sirasinda kisa PR araligi (<0.12 sn) ve delta dalgasi izlenen (Sekil 2) hastada soz konusu tasikardinin AVRT (ortodromik tip) oldugu dusunuldu.
The presence of signs of preexcitation on resting ECG (a "delta wave") in a patient with history of paroxysmal regular palpitations suggests AVRT.
AVRT is not a treatment, counseling, or therapy; nor does it involve psychology, spirituality, or religion.
Besides, Walker says, there's no way to ensure that meetings around the country would adhere to the AVRT guidelines.
Initially, AVRt moved very slowly, drawing criticism from all sides.
6 year/ M###Palpitations, Color change/pallor###SVT (AVRT)###212###1###7min###Yes
Results: In 536 of the 800 patients the supraventricular tachycardia substrate was an AVNRT (67%), in 236 patients an AVRT (29.5%) and in 28 patients an AT (3.5%).