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AVsAvalanche (Colorado Avalanche hockey team)
AVsAnti-Virus Software
AVsAmerican Vacuum Society
AVsAsian Variety Show (US TV show)
AVsAverage Speed
AVsAudio Video Systems, Inc.
AVsAuxiliaires de Vie Scolaire (French: Auxiliary of Life School)
AVsArya Vaidya Sala (Indian hospital; aka Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala; also seen as KAVS)
AVsAnti-Vibration System
AVsAdvanced Visual Systems
AVsAddress Verification System
AVsAssurance Vieillesse et Survivants (French)
AVsAir Velocity
AVsAudio Video Coding Standard (China)
AVsAudi Valvelift System (engine part)
AVsAdvanced Video System
AVsActive Virus Shield (software)
AVsAudio Video Selector
AVsAlpenverein Südtirol (Mountaineering and Climbing Federation of South Tyrol)
AVsAudio Visual Stimulation
AVsApplication Visualization System
AVsA Votre Service (French: At Your Service; various organizations)
AVsAnimal and Veterinary Science
AVsAdaptive Voltage Scaling
AVsAvi Synth
AVsanti Vibration System
AVsAvailability Status
AVsAddress Verification Service
AVsanti Virus Stations
AVsanti Virus Service
AVsanti Virus Software
AVsAdaptive Variable Suspension
AVsAutomatic Version Synchronization
AVsAdvanced Visualization Studio
AVsAudio Video Subsystem
AVsAdvanced Voice Services
AVsAudi Valvelift System
AVsAge Verification System
AVsApplication Velocity System
AVsActive Virus Shield
AVsAccording to Various Sources
AVsAutonomous Vehicle System
AVsAfter-Visit Summary (healthcare)
AVsAvailability Status (airline reservation systems)
AVsAmerican Vegan Society (Malaga, NJ)
AVsA Vida Secreta (Portuguese: The Secret Life; website)
AVsAdult Vocational Services (various organizations)
AVsAmerican Viola Society
AVsAddress Verification Services
AVsApplication Velocity System (Cisco)
AVsAdvanced Visualization System
AVsAge Verification Service (used on adult sites)
AVsApplied Vegetation Science
AVsAdult Verification Service
AVsAcid Volatile Sulfide
AVsAviation Systems
AVsAirborne Video Surveillance
AVsAutomated Vehicle Scheduling (software)
AVsAvionics System
AVsAssociate Value Specialist (engineering certification)
AVsAdvanced Voice Service (software)
AVsAir Valve Secondary (carburetor)
AVsA Virtual Solution
AVsAssociation for Volunteer Services (Lebanon)
AVsAdvanced Voting Solutions Inc
AVsAvionics Technician (Canadian Air Force)
AVsAviation Supply Ship
AVsAutomatic Verification System
AVsAdditional Value Shares
AVsAvalanche Style (California Avalanche Club)
AVsAuburn Village School (Auburn, New Hampshire)
AVsAivan Sama (Finnish)
AVsAmerican Violet Society (Yukon, Pennsylvania)
AVsAudiovisual Squadron (US Air Force Aerospace Audiovisual Service)
AVsArbitrarily Varying Source
AVsAuto Voltage Select (power supplies)
AVsAeromedical Visual Standards
AVsArmy Veterinary Service
AVsAbrasion Value Steel (engineering/geology)
AVsAudit Verification System
AVsAffordable Virtual Servers (Australia)
AVsAsociación Vida Sana (Spanish: Fitness Association)
AVsAssociation Vacances Sélestat (French: Holidays Association Selestat; est. 1947; Selestat, France)
AVsArt and Visual Services
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The UAE ranks in the top ten of the AVRI, with positive consumer opinion of AVs a strong supporting factor.
There is already a huge acceleration in investment in AV technology, including policy adoption by governments to encourage AVs. With Dubai's enthusiasm for technological innovations--in particular, its forays into artificial intelligence and blockchain--the UAE is well-positioned to leverage the tremendous benefits of AVs in the future."
As a result, there are dozens of startups developing solid-state lidar solutions for AVs, including LeddarTech, Innoviz, Luminar, and Quanergy, to name just a few.
The DOT, however, will refrain from setting any binding compliance requirements or enforcement mechanism to regulate the public deployment and testing of AVs. Instead, the DOT and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will continue to rely on manufacturers and developers to conduct voluntary safety self-assessments of the technologies prior to deployment but encourage them to make these assessments available to the public.
Once you utilize AVs to handle basic functions, you will be able to reduce the number of employees in driving occupations.
However, AVs exchange data between wireless area networks to recognize dangerous routes at early stages.
Whether AVs will be permitted to operate on the roads may depend on public demand that driverless cars have the requisite level of safety.
The AVs are loaded with radar, lidar, cameras, sensors, software, maps and computers with 360-degree awareness that can see around corners, over hills and otherwise anticipate things that humans cannot, and they can react faster.
There will also be an overlap between an AVs system electronics and personal electronics: cloud-based connectivity will allow software updates that enhance aspects of vehicle performance to be downloaded as readily as smartphone apps.
This is fostered byregulators'examination of the safety performance of AVs.
The standard will provide requirements and guidelines for the security of AVs, and it will be used by the relevant Dubai Government Departments to aid them in securing AVs.
The AVS platform provides a single point to manage all back-end processes for video services including customer relationship management, BSS, set-top-box configuration and management, device management, advertising, reporting, advanced analytics, content acquisition, promotion and distribution management, among other processes enabling the easy and quick integration of content and additional third-party services.