AVSAAfrican Violet Society of America (Beaumont, Texas)
AVSAAfrican Violet Society of America
AVSAAustralasian Victorian Studies Association (Victorian studies group; various locations)
AVSAAguas de Valencia Sa
AVSAAortic Valve Surface Area (aortic stenosis evaluation)
AVSAAfrikatale-Vereniging van Suider-Afrika (African Languages Association of Southern Africa, Pretoria, South Africa)
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We have exploited the key ideas of AVSA to BRST formalism to derive the (anti-)BRST and (anti-)co-BRST symmetry transformations by using HC and dual-HC (DHC) as well as the (anti)chiral superfield approach to BRST formalism (see Appendices A and B below) in the context of our present 2D non-Abelian 1-form gauge theory.
It would have been proper for the Echo to have contacted AVSA which, as the client, could have forwarded a clearer picture outlining the background and history of this project.
Avsa.-Dat go-Past-Cop-Past-[1P.sub.(k)] and sea-Dat gir-di-y-di-k enter-Past-Cop-Past-[1P.sub.(k)] 'That summer, we went to Avsa and swam in the sea.'
The joint statement from AVSA and VFC reads: "Doug Ellis told fans that we are moving in the right direction.
AVSA chairman and VFC spokesman Jonathan Fear told the Press Association: "We are realistic enough to know these resolutions are unlikely to succeed due to Mr Ellis' dominant holding.
The moves mark a stepping up of the campaign by AVSA to oust Ellis and end what they describe as two decades of under-achievement.
ANKARA, Jan 26, 2010 (TUR) -- Marinas will be constructed in north-eastern province of Trabzon, Avsa town of north-western province of Balikesir, Silivri town of north-western province of Istanbul and Yenifoca town of western province of Izmir.
The Aston Villa Shareholders Association (AVSA) and Villa Fans Combined (VFC) also want to be given a representative on the board and they are seeking that the Doug Ellis Stand be renamed after a former playing hero in the meeting, to be held on September 10.
Villa Fans Combined (VFC) and the AV Shareholders Association (AVSA) want Ellis to sell his stake in the club if he is not prepared to make a significant investment in the team.
Erdek town; Kapidagi Peninsula; Avsa, Marmara, Saraylar and Ekinlik islets should be seen in Balikesir.
The Aston Villa Shareholders' Association (AVSA), the Aston Villa Independent Supporters' (AVIS) and members of the website www.