AVSCOMUnited States Army Aviation Systems Command
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AVSCOM planners were faced with another contractual dilemma: They could contract with SIPI and other contractors for services in support of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, but how could AVSCOM assure its customers, such as the U.
Equipped with legal guidance from the Security Assistance Command, AVSCOM devised contractual language that complied with Federal Acquisition Regulations and DOD guidance concerning continued performance during crisis situations.
AVSCOM also had difficulty administering the SIPI FMS contract in light of the emergency-essential clause.
SIPI sent photographs and site drawings of potential TAMP locations back to the AVSCOM decisionmakers and briefed deployed AVSCOM TAMP program management personnel in Dhahran and the staff of ARCENT.
TAMP SWA Base had large, new hangar facilities provided by another AVSCOM contractor.
The subcontracting and host nation support AVSCOM received through SIN was hectic but better than some other Army contracting experiences involving Saudi companies.
Other defense contractors, Army Materiel Command logistics assistance representatives, and AVSCOM personnel also assisted in the operation.
Nor could this operation have stood up without the unheralded efforts of the AVSCOM procurement and logistics professionals.
In Damman, the AVSCOM TAMP-SWA Forward commander realized that the distance to KKMC and the density of Army aircraft in the surrounding vicinity excessively stretched his lines of communication.
Adapting once again to changing logistics requirements, SIPI and other TAMP contractors, with the concurrence of the TAMP-SWA Forward commander and the AVSCOM procurement community, moved assets into an area on a vacant airstrip adjacent to the SIPI-KKMC housing compound.
No requirement AVSCOM envisioned was impossible for SIPI, including construction services.