AVSIAssociation of Volunteers in International Service (est. 1972)
AVSIAerospace Vehicle Systems Institute (industry/government/university consortium)
AVSIAsociación de Voluntarios Para El Servicio Internacional (Spanish: Association of Volunteers for International Service)
AVSIAssociazione Volontari per Il Servizio Internationale
AVSIAssociation des Volontaires pour le Service International (French)
AVSIAir Vehicle Standard Interface
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The reported funding of the project by AVSI is EUR 13 M, provided by the Italian Interior Ministry.
Representative, AVSI in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (Dee.
He calls both AVSI and DCP "middleware" with a unique capability that allows them to "speak to the vehicle in its native language, [that means] in the electrical signal that the vehicle is expecting," he explained.
To reach AVSI, call (714) 524-4488 or visit its site on the Internet at http://www.
In Marj Al-Khokh, the high-level delegation visited basic education activities implemented by UNICEF's partner AVSI at the informal settlement for Syrian refugees outside Marjayoun, and met with community representatives.
In the south, meanwhile, the Italian agency AVSI handed out hygiene kits and blankets to residents of a makeshift refugee camp between Marjayoun and the village of Ibl al-Saqi.
AFLT RX, TRNS RX, UTAR RX, AVSI RX Ministry of Transport together with Ministry of Finance and MEDT were offered to analyze all pros and cons of zero VAT for internal flights and submit their suggestions to the government in late August.
000-euro project, implemented by the Italian NGO AVSI, aimed at enhancing solutions to water availability and contamination problems of Dardara spring and thus supporting farmers of Marjayoun's plain to improve their harvests.
NNA - The Italian Embassy in Beirut said in a statement "NGO AVSI provided hygiene kits and blankets to Syrian refugees in Marj el Kok, South Lebanon.
Participants will include Carlo Vito Russo, Eni s Executive Vice President for Central and Southern Europe, Giampiero Silvestri, Secretary General of the AVSI Foundation, Fabio Inzoli, Head of the Department of Energy at the Politecnico di Milano, and Jerome Ndam Mungwe of the Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda; PhD fellow at the Politecnico di Milano | UNESCO Chair in Energy for Sustainable Development.
Hajj Hassan's words came after initialing a memorandum of understanding with AVSI Institute Director, Piatty Alberto, on Sunday.