AVSSanti Virus Single Scanner
AVSSIEEE Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance
AVSSAutomated Vital Statistics System
AVSSActive Volatile Suspended Solids
AVSSAfebrile, Vital Signs Stable
AVSSArthur Voaden Secondary School (St. Thomas, ON, Canada)
AVSSActive Vibration Suppression System
AVSSAutomated Voice Switching System
AVSSAnalog Voice Subsystem
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Although the technique was developed originally for home monitoring of NPT, it has been used for real-time assessment of penile tumescence and rigidity in response to pharmacological stimulation (8) or audiovisual sexual stimulation (AVSS).
In the present study, we performed both the NPT test and the AVSS test (with and without medication) using the RigiScan device and compared the findings of the two tests.
(10) The patients were performed NPT and AVSS test using RigiScan device (Dacomed Corporation, Minneapolis, MN, USA).
Session: 4th day-morning AVSS with 50 mg sildenafil citrate (Viagra, Pfizer Inc.
Medication (placebo or sildenafil citrate) was given just one hour before the AVSS test.
Correlation between NPT and AVSS (placebo and sildenafil citrate) was analyzed with cross table analysis.
Table 1 shows mean base rigidity percentage of these two groups in NPT, AVSS with placebo, and AVSS with sildenafil tests.
We also distinguished two groups of the patients according to AVSS results.
Three methods can be used for the assessment of erectile capacity: measurement of spontaneous erections during night sleep, the erectile response to AVSS in laboratory, and measurement of the response to intracavernosal smooth muscle relaxants such as prostaglandin El .
Mean base rigidity percentage of two groups in NPT, AVSS with placebo and AVS5 with sildenafil tests Psychogenic Organic p group (n) / group (n) / value mean [+ or -] mean [+ or SD -] SD NPT (21)/55.14[+ or (9) /37.88 0.02 -]16.20 [+ or -] 27.13 AVSS-placebo (21) /23.09[+ (9) /5.33 0.004 or -]27.32 [+ or -] 16.00 AVSS-sildenafil (21) / 34.57[+ (9)/7.44 [+ 0.01 or -]27.29 or -] 12.45 NPT.