AVTAAdvanced Vehicle Testing Activity
AVTAAntelope Valley Transit Authority (est. 1992; Lancaster, CA)
AVTAAllegheny Valley Trails Association (Pennsylvania)
AVTAAssistive Vocational Technology Associates (est. 1990; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
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The test vehicles were deployed into AVTA project partner fleets in several locations:
VARIOUS MODULARITY STUDIES AND DECISION AS TO BENEFIT OR BURDEN Vehicle Group Reference Benefit or Comments Burden AFV AVTA Benefit 15-30% savings in development, procurement, support AFV repair Kane Benefit Due to commonality AFV Cost in Cunningham, Burden Higher fleet weight Theater Tollefson, & due to common Malcolm chassis Coupled Vehicles Schwartz Benefit or Depends on whether Burden front vehicle is fully armored FCS Phase I SAIC Burden Overdesign; parasitic hull weight Families of SAIC Benefit Reduced costs in Vehicles design, commonality, economies of scale RAVE weight TARDEC Burden 10% increase in analysis weight TABLE 2.
AVTA spokeswoman Pamela Holland said agency officials viewed bus security camera footage and believe the crash was the fault of the bus driver, who had been driving for the agency for fewer than three months.
Results to date are available on the AVTA Web site, http://avt.
The AVTA system computes, for turns and each of the vocal states, the average duration for the entire interaction session but also the average duration for every five seconds of the interaction.
Representatives including Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, AVTA board chair Marvin Crist, AVTA executive director Len Engel, and BYD Motors President Stella Li joined together today to cut the red ribbon in a ceremony to officially commission the new BYD 60 ft.
Contact: Jim Francfort, AVTA, phone 208-526-6787, e-mail francfje@inel.
It's really anybody's guess what fuel is going to do,'' AVTA spokeswoman Pam Holland said.
Tyler looks forward to providing AVTA with an exceptional customer experience," said Brett Cate, president of Tyler's Local Government Division.
Part of what we are doing this year is we're trying to get ourselves positioned so we can accommodate that growth in the future,'' AVTA general manager Randy Floyd said.
AVTA provides high availability and allows the company to conduct maintenance and software upgrades without customer downtime.