AVTDAnomalous Viscosity Time Dependence
AVTDAviation Test Directorate
AVTDAsymptotically Velocity Term Dominated (physics)
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The results of the Average Taxonomic Distinctness [[DELTA].sup.+] (AvTD) and the Variation in Taxonomic Distinctness [[LAMBDA].sup.+] (VarTD) for each sampled area were within the 95% confidence interval.
The Average Taxonomic Distinctness (AvTD) and the Variation in Taxonomic Distinctness (VarTD) provided a consistent picture of the taxonomic relationship within the reef fish assemblage (Clarke & Warwick, 2001), based on the uniformity of taxa distribution in a hierarchical taxonomic tree (Xiujuan et al, 2010).
We observed a statistically significant decrease in AVTDs corresponding to chromatin condensation in cells of 5 subjects (subjects 301, 302, 406, 606, and 607; Table 2) of I0 at the frequency of 915 MHz (p < 0.05, Mann-Whitney U-test; Table 2).
Usually, in human lymphocytes, the AVTDs decreased transiently after exposure to nonthermal MWs as opposed to the increase in AVTDs observed immediately after genotoxic impacts, such as ionizing radiation or chemicals (Belyaev et al.
The existence of differences in taxonomic structure between sites and seasons of the year was tested by calculating the Average Taxonomic Distinctness (AvTD, [[DELTA].sup.+]) and the variation in taxonomic distinctness (VarTD, [[LAMBDA].sup.+]) (Clarke & Warwick, 1999).
For both Maciel and Indio Beach and for all seasons, the average taxonomic distinctness A+ (AvTD) and the variation in taxonomic distinctness A+ (VarTD) were within the confidence interval calculated from 1000 simulations for each index (Fig.
According to the PERMANOVA, AvTD was not significantly different between the two sites (Table 4).
The natural variation of the observed taxonomic structure was within the confidence intervals for the expected AvTD and VarTD values and provides a more robust corroboration of the graphical representation of the taxonomic richness, which indicated little variation in richness within a given season.
These abundance peaks are not measurable using AvTD and VarTD, which only consider the presence/absence of species (Clarke & Warwick, 1998).
The AvTD and VarTD indexes presented a negative correlation, i.e., the lower the average taxonomic distinctness, the higher the variation in taxonomic distinctness.
Computer simulations can be conducted to confirm the responses of AvTD and VarTD to a decrease in demersal or pelagic ichthyofaunal richness or in functional groups, among other simulations.