AW1Aviation ASW Operator First Class (Naval Rating)
AW1Academic Writing 1 (various locations)
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Water absorption was determined by measuring mass at the completion of AW treatment at the following points: AW1, after drip-drying at room temperature for 10 minutes before transferring to oven; AW2, after drip-drying for 10 minutes at room temperature after the last soaking step; and AW3, at the end of step three on cycle 56, in the frozen state.
Figure 4(b) shows the components of braking force, taking the case of AW1 as an example.
For the purpose of study, five AWCs were randomly selected, namely Haddi Mill (AW1), Mahaveer Colony (AW2), Ishaiyon ka Kabristaan-1 (AW3), Ishaiyon ka Kabristaan-2 (AW4), and Meghwalon ki Dhani (AW5).
Water activity (Aw) for each moisture content was determined using the device Hygropalm (Model Aw1) at the temperatures of 10, 20, 30 and 40 [degrees]C, in a B.O.D.
The Nikon 1 AW1 (650 [pounds sterling]) is the world's first waterproof and shockproof interchangeable lens digital camera.
The cast textures of wood grain and forms of screw heads discernible on the surfaces of Mold Form AW1 and its companions reflect a different kind of truth to materials, in which one substance records another.
The binding DNA was washed by the addition of 500 l AW1 buffer, then centrifuged at full speed for 1 min followed by the addition of 500 l AW2 buffer then centrifuged at full speed for 3 min.
Our flagship product, AW1 Series, is probably the fastest 16mm/35mm colour archive writer in the world with the highest optical resolution of up to 150 Ip/mm in the market.
Water activity was determined using potable digital water activity meter (Rotronix HYGRO Palm AW1 Set, Rotronix Instrument (UK) Ltd., West Sussex, UK).
Winners will also receive photography equipment for their trip, including the Nikon 1 AW1, the world's first shock-proof and water-proof interchangeable lens camera.