AW2Army Wounded Warrior Program
AW2Aviation ASW Operator Second Class (Naval Rating)
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Water absorption was determined by measuring mass at the completion of AW treatment at the following points: AW1, after drip-drying at room temperature for 10 minutes before transferring to oven; AW2, after drip-drying for 10 minutes at room temperature after the last soaking step; and AW3, at the end of step three on cycle 56, in the frozen state.
AW2 was the major defaulter in growth monitoring as nearly 40% of the growth charts were incompletely or partially plotted.
In both Saturation AW2 and Saturation AW6 (all works 2015), fin-shaped areas of wax protrude from the panel's left and right, leaving its central field unmarked.
The binding DNA was washed by the addition of 500 l AW1 buffer, then centrifuged at full speed for 1 min followed by the addition of 500 l AW2 buffer then centrifuged at full speed for 3 min.
The charity is a proud member of the Army AW2 Wounded Warrior Program national community support network, a national partner of the Real Warriors Campaign and is listed byt the National Resource Directory for ill and wounded veterans.
The column was placed in a new tube, 500 mL of AW2 buffer was added, the tube was centrifuged at maximum speed for 3 min, and the filtrate was discarded.
This was followed by washing steps using 2 different washing buffers, buffer AW1 and buffer AW2, to completely remove residual contaminants and improve the purity of the eluted DNA.
Buffer AW1 and Buffer AW2 were separately added to the QIAamp Maxi column and centrifuged at 1,850xg for 1 min and 15 min, respectively.
Trapped DNA was washed in two steps by AW1 and AW2 buffers to eliminate impurities, with centrifugation after each step.
The column with the DNA bound was washed several times using solutions (AW1; AW2 buffers--Qiagen) provided according to manufacturer's instruction.