AW2Army Wounded Warrior Program
AW2Aviation ASW Operator Second Class (Naval Rating)
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Table 1: Distribution of children beneficiaries at anganwadi centers Anganwadi Males (n = 283) Females (n = 260) centers <3 years 3-5 years <3 years 3-5 years Total AW1 32 26 32 23 113 AW2 36 15 38 17 106 AW3 31 18 33 11 93 AW4 37 21 32 22 112 AW5 43 24 34 18 119 Total 179 104 169 91 543 Table 2: Questions regarding knowledge and practices of anganwadi workers S.
The binding DNA was washed by the addition of the 500 l AW1 buffer, then centrifuged at 8000 rpm for 1 min followed by the addition of the 500 l AW2 buffer then centrifuged at full speed for 3 min.
Add 500 [micro]L of buffer AW2 (wash 2) to each of the five tubes and centrifuge for 3 minutes at 13,000 rpm.
AW2 embodies the warrior ethos "We will never leave a fallen comrade.
JAMES HAAS (PAC), AND AW2 MONIQUE BOZEMAN (TAC), were a UC-12M flight crew on a joint-operational-support-airlift-center (JOSAC) mission.
Architect Reda Amalou from AW2 Paris, who was also present at the launch, informed that The Malkai would create a lifestyle rather than a community.
THE Army Wounded Warrior Program, also referred to as AW2, was created in 2004 in response to the needs of the most severely wounded, injured or ill Soldiers from the war on terror.
Master plan and lead design has been carried out by AW2 from Paris.
The Malkai's master plan and lead design has been carried out by AW2 from Paris.
Next, the filtrate was discarded, 500 [micro]L of Buffer AW2 was added to the column in a clean 2-ml collection tube, and the tube was centrifuged at 20,000 x g for 3 minutes.
The column was washed with 500 [micro]L of high-salt buffer AW1 and AW2 containing ethanol at 6,000 g centrifugation for 1 minute.
After collecting and discarding the filtrate, the column was washed twice with 500ml of buffer AW1, followed by buffer AW2.