AW3Aviation ASW Operator Third Class (Naval Rating)
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Water absorption was determined by measuring mass at the completion of AW treatment at the following points: AW1, after drip-drying at room temperature for 10 minutes before transferring to oven; AW2, after drip-drying for 10 minutes at room temperature after the last soaking step; and AW3, at the end of step three on cycle 56, in the frozen state.
AW3 had got maximum downward curve (16.3%) denoting malnourishment, and, overall, approximately 80% were showing upward trend in growth charts [Table 3].
Our crewman, a junior AW3 with only limited flight time, kept his cool and contributed more then expected.
of injuries/ (per 100,000 people, Rate Population deaths and total per year) AW3 425 7/2-- 9 211.76 AZAN 412 5/3-- 8 194.17 PRAN 375 4/2-- 6 133.33 ADAN 1,834 19/5-- 24 130.86 ABE2 472 3/3-- 6 127.12 ABF3 567 5/2-- 7 123.46 ABAN 1,261 13/1-- 14 111.02 AM3 1,935 13/8-- 21 108.53 A03 1,758 9/6-- 15 85.32 AZ3 525 3/2-- 5 95.24 Total/ Avg.
Jeremy Niles and AW3 Paul Amado participated in the rescue of 12 castaways who were adrift in their vessel.
AEAN Leslie Jenkins, of Aurora, Mont., and AW3 Michael Cart, from Portland, Texas, perform a voltage check in the Basic Troubleshooting Laboratory at the Naval Aviation Technical Training Center, NAS Pensacola, Fla.
AW3 Arnone held his grip on the straps and guided the HBF toward the deck.
Once on scene, helicopter crew chief Awl Troy Alexander lowered search and rescue swimmer AW3 Nicholas Gibson to the victim.
The H2P reminded me about testing the reeling machine, and the junior aircrewman in back, an antisubmarine warfare petty officer (AW3), concurred.
Glasser) worked together to control the helicopter, while AW3 Widdifield, the aircrewman, gave the pilots vectors and closure calls for a self-contained approach and landing.