AWAAMArab Women Active in the Arts and Media (Brooklyn)
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He failed to mention that the project is financially unfeasible and will require enormous subsidies on a daily basis, which will come from the pockets of the same 'awaam' for whose benefit this project is intended.
It's to say, 'this is AWAAM. This is what we are about.
Punjabi Radio, of Smethwick and Wolverhampton Walsall FM and Small Heath-based Radio Awaam all missed out on licences from radio regulator Ofcom.
Ofcom considered further applications from Punjabi Radio in Smethwick, Walsall FM and Radio Awaam in Small Heath, but decided not to award licences to these groups
"Our reason for being here is for peace and betterment of the Awaam (general public) and we pray to the Almighty for his blessings to the Awaam, their families and children.
On the other hand, Allama Iqbal, Karakoram, Khushaal, Awaam, Karachi and Pakistan Expresses faced delay due to lack of passengers.
Saad Hamid shared these photos stating: These were taken for an ongoing project Ideas for Impact called Police Awaam Saath Saath" in which we are training the police personnel all across Pakistan on how to make effective use of social media to showcase their work and use it as a medium for better communication, listening and service delivery.
KAMALIA -- Former education minister and chairman Awaam League Riaz Fatyana vehemently condemned the murder attempt on Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal, demanding that a thorough investigation should be launched into the case so that future such incidents could be avoided.
Judges, Fauj aur awaam. Siasat nahi, insaaf, awami huqooq ki jang Saqib Nisar tere sang." (Who will change the system?
Media campaigns like the Police Awaam Saath Saath are playing an important role in making the viewers' reflect on their relationship with the police.
Mohammed Coovadia of South African Haj service operators Khidmatul Awaam said: "You know what?
The shirt read "Intifada NYC" and was printed by the Arab Women Active in the Arts and Media (AWAAM), a nonprofit that empowers Arab and Muslim girls to represent themselves and their communities through media.