AWAPSAdvanced Weather Analysis & Prediction System
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8) EMARSS (M) will be SIGINT focused, (4) EMARSS(V) will be DMTI/GMTI focused with Synthetic Aperture Radar and SIGINT, (8) EMARSS(G) will be GEOINT/Wide Area Airborne Surveillance focused with AWAPS, MASIVS and LIDAR and lastly, (4) EMARSS (S) will be Advanced SIGINT focused.
Through this partnership, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Google's Demand-Side Platform will be connected to Yandex s Real Time Bidding system, while Yandex s Demand-Side Platform, AWAPS will join Google s RTB marketplace, DoubleClick AdExchange.
Direct and Yandex s display ad placement system AWAPS.