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AWARDAustralasian Writers and Art Directors Association
AWARDAustralian Writers and Art Directors (Australia)
AWARDAfrican Women in Agricultural Research and Development
AWARDAssociation for Water and Rural Development (South Africa)
AWARDAll Wales Alliance for Research and Development (UK)
AWARDAll Weather Arrival and Departure (EU Project)
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Washington: Would it be agreeable to you to be one of the Judges of Award in the Department of Education at Atlanta?
Suppose that some months before the opening of the Atlanta Exposition there had been a general demand from the press and public platform outside the South that a Negro be given a place on the opening programme, and that a Negro be placed upon the board of jurors of award.
Upon the whole, the justice first of all told me very courteously I was discharged; that he was very sorry that the mercer's man should in his eager pursuit have so little discretion as to take up an innocent person for a guilty person; that if he had not been so unjust as to detain me afterward, he believed I would have forgiven the first affront; that, however, it was not in his power to award me any reparation for anything, other than by openly reproving them, which he should do; but he supposed I would apply to such methods as the law directed; in the meantime he would bind him over.
Damages, gentlemen--heavy damages is the only punishment with which you can visit him; the only recompense you can award to my client.
Smiles she, and her sires are lords, Noble rank her brothers win: Ah, the ominous awards Showered upon her kith and kin
Those we took from the cities have been awarded; we cannot disallow the awards that have been made already.
He is waiting also for the old woman's will, for the reason that it awards Mlle.
A pound of that same merchant's flesh is thine; The court awards it, and the law doth give it.
From the publishing world, Craig Dickson of PennWell Publishing was honored with 2006% Distinguished Corporate Award.
Gray of Cushman & Wakefield who received the First Place Henry Hart Rice Award for the lease of 1211 Avenue of the Americas.
Throughout this section you'll find comments from our judges on what made some of this year's award winners "the best of the best.
Award fee contracts must be structured in ways that will focus the government's and contractor's efforts on meeting or exceeding cost, schedule, and performance requirements.