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AWARDSAutomated Weather Acquisition and Retrieval Data System
AWARDSArmy War Reserve Deployment System (US Army)
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In addition to receiving these local and national awards in Denver, Bonnie was also inducted as a Master of the ADAA.
Princess Grace Awards Christine Giancatarino; New York, NY 212.
IABC could not conduct this world-class awards program without the generous support of friends like our Platinum Gold Quill sponsor, Towers Perrin.
This year, awards are also being presented for Community Impact--USTs (underground storage tank cleanup projects) and Community Impact--Mine Scarred Lands.
Karin Kulinski earned the award in the senior officer category and MCPO Christine Blinn received an honorary mention in the senior enlisted category.
Chapter 1 now contains Acquisition Transformation Awards, including the David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award and The Agile Acquisition Transformation Leadership Award.
The award is a tremendous force that honors people who were neglected because of conscious and unconscious racism," says Arnold Adoff, an author whose late wife, Virginia Hamilton, won more CSK Awards than any other author--for books such as The People Could Fly: American Black Folktales (Knopf, October 1985).
Compensatory awards are supposed to pay plaintiffs back for actual, measurable losses such as medical bills and lost wages.
These awards recognize specific distinguished achievements of rubber scientists, engineers, chemists and technologists.
The American Camping Association presents Honor Awards to recognize meritorious service.
Many of the awards shows that are film-related - like the Golden Globes and Oscars - are grouped at the beginning of the year.
For more information about the awards program, visit www.