AWARSAdvanced Warfighting Simulation (US Army; formerly Army Warfighting Simulation)
AWARSActually, We Are Rocket Scientists
AWARSAuthorized Warranty and Repair Station
AWARSArmy Warfighting Simulation (US Army; now Advanced Warfighting Simulation)
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Having always had an interest in languages, I vaguely tried to learn Awar as a hobby.
My primary objective in Awar had been to put the language into writing, and use the results for literacy purposes.
In Awar, for instance, there have been lengthy hesitations and discussions about the writing of the glottal; ultimately, the letter 'h' was adopted.
In Awar, 'dogs' is 'kyaorih' where 'kyao' is 'dog' and 'rih' is the morpheme of plural.
Awar, for instance, features a dual for the nouns and the adjectives, and features postpositions, rather than prepositions as in English.
Awar, like many Papuan languages, has an SOV order: Mo kan vasat You tree saw S O V
In Awar, direction is marked with a noun used as suffix: 'Mo tonik sangre', 'You house-inside go Present' or 'You go inside the house'.
In the case of the Awar language, the lexicon counts over 1300 entries in Awar, English and Tok Pisin, including some grammatical notes, as well as the first book ever written in the Awar language, over 100 pages of traditional and recent stories.
Awar also has borrowed words, for example, the concept 'mas' (in English 'must') from Tok Pisin to express the feeling of obligation.
In the case of Awar, for instance, it took me ages to identify the meaning of movement verbs, all translated into Tok Pisin as 'I go'.
Since 2003, I have facilitated workshops in Awar to finalize the alphabet, proofread the first batch of texts and the lexicon, as well as gather more texts and work on the elementary school curriculum.
Future plans involve more channelling of the community effort, as a result of the momentum created by the distribution of the existing documents to every Awar household.