AWASAustralian Women's Army Service
AWASAnsett Worldwide Aviation Services (New York, NY)
AWASAlluvial Water Accounting System (river analysis tool; Colorado)
AWASAngkatan Wanita Sedar
AWASAnalysis of Wire Antennas and Scatterers
AWASAutomated Weather Advisory Station (aviation)
AWASAutomated Work Administration System (Verizon)
AWASAtmos Wave Acquisition System (Atmos International)
AWASAsia Women and Shelter Network (India)
AWASAcademy of Wrestling Arts & Science
AWASAssembly Wireless Alarm Systems (Slovakia)
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'Come awa' from th' bed!' He was sitting on the side of it, with his face hidden in his hands.
The natives, just as I had expected, started up, while some of them asked, 'Arware poo awa, Tommo?'(where are you going, Tommo?) 'Wai' (water) I laconically answered, grasping the calabash.
McIntyre said, quite easy, "he might as weel be awa'.
O coming suddenly to the brow of the precipice, it was a gran spectacle to see between twenty and thirty of these grea birds start heavily from their resting-place, and wheel awa in majestic circles.
If the condors glide down, and then suddenl all rise together, the Chileno knows that it is the pum which, watching the carcass, has sprung out to drive awa the robbers.
"First of all, Samuel Dundee an' Agnes Hewitt; the next day Albert Mahan an' Minnie Duncan; an' by the week-end Eddie Troy and Flo Mackintosh--all sailor-men, an' un sux weeks' time the last of them back tull their ships an' awa', an' no one o' them dreamin' of the wuckedness they'd been ot."
Up he jumps an' calls for horse an' saddle, an' awa' he goes like the wund for Albert Mahan's.
'Old wooman awa', bean't she?' said Mr Browdie, with his mouth full.
Besides, he added, under its Prime Concern Project, the AWAS was working to provide safe drinking water by giving and installing free of cost hand-pumps in rural areas.
'At the same time, AWAS has issued 169,051 summonses up to May 2019 since the RTD took over.
In spring 2018, AWAS contacted the Welsh Government's Business Wales service as they were keen to win more business and were looking to develop and implement a new marketing strategy.
The acquisition of AWAS propels DAE into the top tier of global aircraft lessors.