AWBIAnimal Welfare Board of India
AWBIAlpha Wireless Broadband, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV; now Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc.)
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A majority of the High Court held that AWBI drew power to grant or refuse consent by its incorporation rather than from the wider statutory framework within which wheat export decisions were made.
47) The monopoly granted to AWBI was strengthened by an exemption from competition legislation.
AWBI should also make arrangements for rehabilitation of the deregistered animals.
In his letter to Major Santokh Singh, regional manager of CWC, AWBI chairman R.
AWBI has pressed for two rules to be drafted in relation to the problem of animal cruelty while smuggling them and the overall problem itself.
AWBI maintained that problems at the border too needed to be addressed.
The AWBI during its investigation has also compiled a data that in the densest part of Mumbai have only around 0.
Tenders are invited for Hiring of NGO for conducting Animal Birth Control programme of stray dogs in chandigarh through AWBI recognized NGOs
After hearing about the event from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ( PETA) India, the AWBI that operates under the Union ministry of environment and forests sent a letter to the Rajasthan government's chief secretary and Jodhpur district authorities.
The letter, a copy of which is with Mail Today, pointed out " Such events are under the ambit of ' animal performances' and need to be registered with the AWBI.
The AWBI had asked the Gurgaon police to act against Western Circus for not taking its permission before using animals in performances.
There is precedence in Shimla and Bangalore," AWBI secretary D.