AWBMAlveolar Wall Basement Membranes
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The AWBM requires daily rainfall data for the entire period being modeled, but hourly data can be used for any day to calculate hourly values of rainfall excess, i.
The AWBM does not contain any flood hydrograph routines such as unit hydrograph, but the hourly values of rainfall excess, which are calculated, can be used as input to any flood hydrograph model.
Figure 3 shows the results of rainfall excess from the AWBM combined with a runoff-routing flood hydrograph model (URBS model of the Brisbane City Council).
The AWBM can be used as a simple, 1-parameter model, similar to the Curve Number method, on small semiarid watersheds but with much better estimates of watershed runoff when runoff data are available for calibration.
Where actual runoff data are available for calibration, the parameters of the AWBM can be directly evaluated without the need for trial and error optimization, which is a major problem with complex models.