AWBPAransas-Wood Buffalo Population
AWBPAngry White Boy Polka (Weird Al Yankovic song)
AWBPArtery Wall Binding Peptide
AWBPAccelerated Wine and Beverage Certificate Program (Culinary Institute of America; various locations)
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However, the current paradigm of wintering habitat conservation for AWBP focuses on the preservation and creation of favorable coastal habitats immediately adjacent to areas already occupied by Whooping Cranes in and around Aransas NWR (CWS and USFWS 2007).
The continued growth of the AWBP population, along with the two additional populations, will also stem the loss of genetic diversity.
Downlisting can be achieved when 1) there are a minimum of 40 productive pairs in the AWBP and 25 productive pairs in each of two additional self-sustaining populations, or there are 250 productive pairs in the AWBP, and 2) there are at least 21 productive pairs in the captive population.