AWBSAdvanced Webhost Billing System (Total Online Solutions, Inc.)
AWBSAutomated Weight and Balance System (aviation weight and balance calculation)
AWBSAviation Work Breakdown Structure (US DoD)
AWBSAtlas Ward Building Systems (UK)
AWBSAdult Well-Being Service (Detroit, MI)
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HYDERABAD -- The superintending engAiAneer (SE) of the Sindh irrigation department who is also director of the Left Bank Canals Area Water Board (AWB) has become a bone of contention between the board and hundreds of tail-end growers of water scarcity-hit Badin district that has been bearing the brunt of water shortage for a few months.
He said that the AWBs' managements had been directed to make sure that there should be no mismanagement in distribution of water as he would not tolerate it.
One AWB says the helicopter came from Poland while the other says the same aircraft originated from the United States, said one of the BOC personnel.
Subsequently, we focused on the three AWBs, namely, NC-AWB, GC-AWB and LBC-AWB, due to the fact that so far the implementation of reforms in Sindh Province has been limited to those areas.
Unite's Welsh regional secretary, Andy Richards said: "The announcement on the abolition of the AWB in England and Wales has once again demonstrated the coalition government's disrespect for devolution and disregard for Welsh workers." Although the UK Government decided that it wanted to abolish the AWBs in England and Wales in July 2010, the consultation on the future of these bodies closes on November 12.
The reference petition has been clipped with (1) Sunday Express news about Surrey property (2) a copy of the AWB issued for the eight crates of personal effect sent from Bilawal House to Pakistan High Commissioner at London, and (3) a copy of the letter issued by the Protocol Department of the Foreign Affairs Ministry to the Collector of Customs, Karachi to expedite the matter.
SIDA, as well as AWBS, is managed through nominations which are used by the government as a tool for political appeasement.
He said that according to Programme, the strengthening and capacity building of preparatory water management institution i-e SIDA, AWBs. And FOs.
Efforts were under way to improve performance of farmers' groups, he said, adding that he was trying to ensure timely availability of water to growers for which meetings were under way with area water boards (AWBs).