AWBZAlgemene Wet Bijzondere Ziektenkosten
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When the AWBZ LTC insurance scheme was established in 1968, it was widely believed that, over time, publicly funded formal services would largely replace informal eldercare.
The AWBZ and ZFW programs were funded through income taxes.
For example, the two largest public insurance plans (AWBZ and ZFW) are almost entirely financed by income-related premiums and taxes.
Young people must either request the Sick Fund card from their parents or pay directly and then request reimbursement, through their parents, from the AWBZ. Consequently, many adolescents seek emergency contraception at the Rutgers Stichting clinics rather than from their general practitioners.
(1.) The AWBZ contribution was converted into an increase of 0.3% of the first and second income tax band rates.
The health care system in the Netherlands has five ma n sources of finance, two public insurance schemes ("AWBZ" and "ZWF"), direct public subsidies, private, insurance, and direct private contributions (user fees not covered by private insurance).
--Important savings are also expected from reductions in the services covered by the basic healthcare package, the introduction of compulsory private insurance for essential curative care services, an increase in contributions to the long-term care scheme (AWBZ) and the introduction of a no-claim deduction.
As noted in the previous Survey a system of personal budgets for long-term care (AWBZ) (111) was introduced already in 1996 and has been progressively expanded.
-- the AWBZ (the long-term care and exceptional medical expenses scheme) for long-term care.
- There has been an assessment of existing regulation (MDW project) of some aspects of health insurance (the AWBZ scheme concerning long-term care and exceptional medical expenses), pharmaceuticals and social housing.
The insurance system was broadened by the introduction of a mandatory insurance for long-term care and exceptional health expenditures (AWBZ) in 1968.
The exceptional medical expenses scheme (AWBZ) was used as a vehicle for setting up the basic insurance scheme.