AWCAAssault Weapons Control Act (California)
AWCAAmerican Working Collie Association
AWCAAleutians West Census Area
AWCAArizona Wing Chun Association (Phoenix, AZ)
AWCAAmerican Women's Club of Amsterdam (networking group)
AWCAAveraged Waves Classified by Amplitude (ergonomics)
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(55) Currently, the AWCA applies to both employers and employ ees in
covered under the AWCA, nor are certain agricultural and horticultural
The AWCA is a volunteer-based club that is devoted to
AWCA sent the SPCA a donation in the amount of $1,000,
American Working Collie Association (AWCA)
The AWCA program formerly was aligned with the Army Chemical Materials Agency.
It came on the workers' comp scene in the spring of 2005, when it launched its own PPO network called Aetna Workers' Comp Access (AWCA).
Army War College Archives (hereafter AWCA) G-2 Course, 1931-2, vol.
After substituting equation (A4) into equation (A2), we derive the abnormal working capital accruals (AWCA) proxy we use in our tests:(20)
DeFond e Park (2001) definem Accruals do capital de giro anormal (AWCA) como a seguinte formula: