AWDRAgile Web Development with Rails (Pragmatic Programmers' book)
AWDRAdvanced Weapon Delivery Radar
AWDRAverage Weighted Discount Rate (Nepal)
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The AWDR uses state-of-the-art imager technology to handle extremes in light and dark and severe glare, accurately detecting vehicles even in harsh backlit conditions.
The AWDR camera is a fine example of how we have integrated advanced video vehicle detection with the latest in imaging technology," said Abbas Mohaddes, Iteris' president and chief executive officer.
Important factors that may cause such a difference include, but are not limited to our ability to introduce, manufacture, market, and gain broad market acceptance of our new AWDR camera; government budget and timing constraints; the impact of product offerings from competitors and other competitive pressures; potential unforeseen technological challenges or changes in technology that may require reengineering; the availability of components for our products; and the general economic and political conditions and specific conditions in the markets we address.