AWDTAustralian Western Daylight Time
AWDTAverage Weekday Daily Traffic
AWDTAmazing Weekly Drabble Thingy
AWDTAir Warrior Drill Team (Indian Air Force)
AWDTAwaiting Downtime
AWDTAnterior Wall Diastolic Thickness (cardiology)
AWDTAustralian Wet-Dry Tropics
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AWDT offers products such as ACE axcel clinical chemistry system, ACE alera chemistry system, Alfa laboratory information system (LIS), Vet alera chemistry analyzer and Vet LIS.
AWDT are the elite Rifle Drill Team, one of its kind in the services and they treated the children to some breath taking rifle movements before the opening match between North Eastern English School, Manipur and MSP Higher Secondary School, Malappuram, Kerala.
Designed with the most advanced technology available, AWDT instruments provide the ability to conduct a wide range of diagnostic applications with guaranteed accuracy.